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Tail Slaps & Breaches! This is Heaven on Earth

Yesterday (July 29 2012 ) was a day to remember! I sighted my first spyhopping Orca whale! An adult spy-hopped and all I could see was white! It was crazy! I was lucky enough to get some footage of a baby spyhopping next to mum. (which I will try and post a link to at some point…) I also got some footage of mum and baby doing tail slaps! See a short video clip:

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/46594289 w=398&h=294]

After a busy day of watching the orcas foraging… I was lucky enough to see a humpback breaching on the Johnstone Strait! It breached about 4x in a row and I was lucky enough to capture a clip on video!

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/46601861 w=403&h=297]

The evening was amazing with a pink sunset and the A11′s foraging by the hut. Momoko and I heard the A11′s calling above the water! Their calls echoed through Blackney pass and the Johnstone Strait very loud and clear… there were no boats in the area so absolutely no boat noise. It was a very special moment.

A photo of the evening sky just before the pink sunset (which I captured on video…)

Heaven on Earth ~ July 29, 2012 - Johnstone Strait
Heaven on Earth ~ July 29, 2012 – Johnstone Strait


Listening to Whales

I just finished reading the book – Listening to Whales by Alexandra Morton. I have always been fascinated with killer whales and it was such a treat to get the inside scoop from a woman who has researched killer whales for over 25yrs.

Alexandra speaks about her life photographing the whales dorsal fins and saddles which each are distinct and she eventually got very familiar with each whale and pod by name and category in the northern Vancouver Island waters.

She had experienced the Atlantic salmon farms rise up on the coastlines of the Broughton Archipelago where she lives and has witnessed the devastation to the natural eco system that they bring. The whales have fled the area because of the loud blasting noises the salmon farms had used to scare off seals and porpoises from the fenced in farms in the ocean (acoustic Harassment Devices (AHD). According to Wikipedia: After Alexandra Morton sent thousands of letters to the government opposing the use of AHD’s, and the salmon farmers finally withdrew their use in 2001 but the killer whales still have not come back to the Archipalago.

Alexandra continues to live in Echo Bay and she runs a research station in the small northern community. An environmentalist at heart she strongly believes in protecting the natural habitat and the eco system where she lives.

I realized after reading her book that I had actually paddled right by the research station in echo bay in the Broughton Archipelago. If I had only known more about Alexandra Morton at that time… It would have been wonderful to stop in and say hello and meet her in person. Maybe it will happen one day.

I came across a great article about Alexandra here: http://kickasscanadians.ca/dr-alexandra-morton

More info on Alexandra and her work can be found on:




If you are interested please take a peek at a Delta kayak promo video that I assisted in filming while on an 8 day sea kayaking trip in the Johnstone Strait and Broughton Archipelago Marine Park - http://vimeo.com/12817311

Kayaking around Vancouver Island

We had a great time kayaking in the spring of 2010 around Vancouver Island. Take a peek at the video we made.  We encountered some amazing sea lions and humpback whales.  We didn’t get the whales on camera but we did catch the sea lions!  Watch the video with footage of us Kayaking around Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. For more information on Delta kayaks please visit http://www.deltakayaks.com

[vodpod id=Video.3966007&w=425&h=350&fv=]