Blows & Breaches: An OrcaLab Update

Blows & Breaches: An OrcaLab Update

Blog post by: Natalie

We attended the 10 year Springer Reunion at Telegraph Cove. We had a booth set up representing OrcaLab there July 13-15th. We played audio recordings of orca calls and also sold CD’s of Springer’s own vocalizations of when she first was reunited with her pod. There were a lot of people attending the event who were instrumental in the rehabilitation process and in reuniting Springer with her pod back in 2002.

Telegraph Cove

Momoko and Paul at Telegraph Cove

Leah on the Gikumi boat tour - Springer Reunion

Paul Spong with assistants Momoko, Kirsty and Krissi on a beautiful sunny day on Hanson Island – July 18th 2012

Paul Spong with assistants

On board the June Cove on route to CP (Cracroft Point on West Cracroft Island ) on July 19th where we cleaned, sanded and painted the deck with a great view of the Johnstone Strait. We watched two male Orcas of the A36 matriline (Kaikash, A46; Plumper, A37) for a couple of hours foraging.

Natalie, Phinn and Paul on the June Cove

Momoko, Krissi and Kristen on the June Cove

Phinn and his new best friend Solo the dog on board the June Cove

Cleaning and sanding the deck at CP

Kaikash foraging in front of CP:

Orca taking a breath

A young humpback was seen breaching in front of the lab around 8:30am on July 23. Krissi, Natalie and Momoko watched in amazement as it breached over and over again. Momoko later identified the young humpback as Galaxy in the 2012 version of “Humpbacks of the Johnstone Strait and Queen Charlotte Strait area ID Catalogue.”

Galaxy the young humpback breaching

We are looking forward to the rest of the summer season here at OrcaLab. Bring on the whales!


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