The Whale

I recently went to see the film “The Whale” in Ottawa during the Environmental Film Fest April 21st at the Nature Museum. It was chosen from the Planet in Focus Film Fest that takes place in October every year in Toronto – See their site here

I was blown away and very moved by the film. It is a MUST SEE! The film is about a whale named Luna who is a lone killer whale living without his pod. He becomes very close to humans and shares a bond with many people. This film left the audience speechless. We were lucky enough to meet the directors through a Skype call that the museum set up after the screening. I met the directors on Skype and told them how I was very inspired by their film and also as a filmmaker, how I am very much looking forward to making a documentary film also about the killer whales – which I will be shooting this summer, in cooperation with Orcalab.

For more info on this film, see the website and look for a screening near you!

The Museum of Nature also has a whale exhibit on as well.

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