Skiing in by the river in Mississauga

I enjoy the beauty of being outside in nature.  There is something amazing about the quiet and stillness that happens when I am alone in the wild.  I have been very happy to explore the little patch of green-land near my temporary home in Mississauga, Ontario (while I am in school taking the Advanced Television and Film program at Sheridan college).  I have enjoyed cross country skiing by the river and finding time in my busy schedule to breath and just be.  On January 17th I took some photos… it was an early morning ski and I felt like I was in a winter wonderland.  It was so relaxing with the soft morning light peeking out… I felt so calm and free… :)


Inspirational Adventure Books at the top of my list

As you may know… I have a deep love for adventure and the outdoors.  I also really enjoy reading non-fiction adventure books!  Some of my favourites are listed below:

Flickr photo By laurentzziu