Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I was deeply inspired and moved by the story of Aron Ralston who got trapped in a canyon when a boulder fell on his arm in Utah.  I read his book and was totally fascinated by his amazing story of survival.  Aron wrote the book about his experience called “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”.

I read this book and was so moved by his experience.  His story also gave me the inspiration to go to visit Utah!  So last spring my boyfriend and I went to Moab Utah and went camping, climbing and biking in and around the beautiful canyon lands and red rock of Utah… while we were visiting we met  a local guy named Josh who showed us around and gave us some great advice about where to camp and climb… he asked us what brought us to Utah and I explained how I read the book by Aron Ralston and how it inspired me to come to Utah and he mentioned how they are actually filming the movie down the road.  I was totally amazed.  The next day my boyfriend Zack and I drove by the canyon slot that they were filming in.  We saw a make-shift bridge that they were carrying gear into the canyon for the movie.  The movie is out in theatres now and it is called 127 hours and is directed by Danny Boyle.  I highly recommend it.

Arches National Park, Utah
This is me – Natalie Lucier at Arches National Park – Utah

Camping in Utah
Camping in Utah

Camping inside the shelter of a big boulder near Moab Utah

Zack on the sandstone in Moab Utah
Zack repelling the sandstone in Moab Utah

Balancing Rock
Balancing Rock at Arches National Park – Utah

Biking in Arches National Park, Utah
Zack Biking at Arches National Park – Utah

Read more about our adventure on my boyfriend Zack’s blog :