In beautiful Jasper, Alberta

I’m visiting my good friend Gillian MacDonald here in beautiful Jasper, Alberta.  She’s been living here for a few years… and she loves it here.  I was taking my Wilderness First Responder course in Whitefish Montana from May 17-21st and realized that I was only a few hours away from Jasper.  I asked Gill if I could come and visit for the weekend and she was very happy to have me.   Today – May 24th – I took the Tram up Whistler Mountain and I hiked to the peek.  Jasper is a special place and the Tram is an easy way to get up high and get an amazing perspective of the little town nestled in the rocky mountains.  I took a few photos and I took a self portrait of myself using a 10 second timer on a rock.  It was pretty neat to go up on my own and for only a few moments I had the mountains to myself.  It was incredible.

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
Canadian Rockies in Jasper, Alberta – May 24, 2010

Jasper National Park - Alberta - Canada
Self portrait – Natalie Lucier

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